Mar 28, 2010

Sunday Inspiration... late night edition!

[Sunday Inspiration]
Some inspiration for you
 on a late Sunday night! 

 inspiration to just relax!
(i had a busy week)

 Basically been living on pancakes for breakfast...
 ...and McDonald's for "linner" this past busy week!! (photo source)

fashion inspiration! LOVE these shoes from ModCloth

great FancyCat Vintage dress for spring.

vintage inspiration! pretty blanket.

the BEST sweater...and I'm a PC! found on dorkyearbook
(note the hand on the floor o.O ???)

my future daughters name :)

pretty freckles. (photo source)

love and NEED this cork/chalk board (found here)

i LOVE this photo! 

other sources: weheartit+tumblr

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  1. Oh how wonderful are all these photos?! So glad you shared them!
    Love the blog, btw!

    xo! Ashley


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