Mar 1, 2010

Some Little Secrets...

a few things you didn't know...
*I am REALLY afraid of Niagra Falls...I could explain if you want.

*I want a little doggy SO bad. I've had nothing but chocolate pugs on my mind.

*I have a polyvore account and I love my first "spring set" of things!

*When I see a tattoo peaking out of a mans sleeve... I "squee" a little to myself like I just learned a secret.
(ps. yes, that's Justin Bobby...coming to this BLOG soon) 

*Same goes for natural red heads and awesome beards... i LOVE them.

*I'm totally okay with and would rather build my outfit around an accessory OR shoes.

That's all for now :)

***inspired by: elsie's secret telling post!
other photo source: weheartit

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