Mar 5, 2010

friday fashion.

Oh, Hi!!!
Well the DOJ blog has had it's first "re-do"...
...not sure if i LOVE it just yet but we'll see.

You'll notice the left side of the blog has a column for sponsors!
For the remainder of this month I will be "testing" by doing trades.
SO... if you want to do an ad trade please contact me at 
and I will trade my logo for yours.
This will be fun and exciting! 

In the mean time...
here are some cute "top" looks i came across on ;)
nadia e.
red hair = instant love!

robin l.
im alllll about the stripes!

lo e.
obviously in love with spring florals these days.

biz c.
she's wearing my colors!

kelley a.
LOVE the wolf shirt!


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