Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tattoo tuesday.

Tattoo Tuesday!!!!!!!

it's a good one!
thinking that i pretty much NEED a dream catcher tattoo.

yeah Sir... you're amazing with your zig zags!

im likin' this hipster.

pretty. and i enjoy the frankenstein & bride tat.

oh no why????


she's hip.

holy Hello Kitty CUTE!

a great photo anyway.


sources: weheartit+tumblr


  1. I'm seriously in L.O.V.E with tattoo tuesday!! Probably my favorite thing on any blog I read.

  2. well it's my favorite too :)
    thank you xoxoxoooo!

  3. Hello I'm french and I love your blog, that really inspires me ! love will tear us apart is Joy Division song's name, I suppose that this tattoo makes for it reference...
    Thanks for tattoo tuesday and sorry for my english !!

  4. Hi, I was wondering if you knew what piece of art the tattoo of the girl with red hair, naked with red ribbons and a blue background is based on (on a girls arm) it looks like the girl is drawn in pre-raphaelite style,
    thanks, really appreciate it!

  5. its by alphonse muscha, an amazing artist!


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