Mar 21, 2010

Sunday Inspiration!

~Sunday Inspiration~

some things to inspire your day.
jason lee's mustache inspiration.

cupcake inspiration

hurry up and get one...holga camera inspiration 

artsy inspiration

devendra banhart is my hippie inspiration

vintage designer bag inspiration

starlets in formal wear inspiration

fun nail polish inspiration on miss james of (bleubirdvintage blog)

80's icon inspiration

new warm weather inspiration

ethnic wedding inspiration (source)

hurry up and get some film for my "new" vintage SX-70 pola inspiration

yummy snack inspiration

secret-quiet-happy place inspiration

can't wait to see this guy on thursday inspiration ....eeeeeek!!!

other sources: ffffound, tumblr, weheartit


  1. Just stumbled across your blog - love the inspiration :)

    Gorgeous ethinic wedding....mmmm ice cream...

  2. This is such an AMAZING post! I love all of the images and they are each inspiring in their own way! Very lovely! I cannot wait to see more of your posts!

  3. mmmm love me some devendra!! i danced on stage with him in fun! all these photos are so pretty :)

  4. oh i would LOVE to see devendra one day!


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