Mar 10, 2010

whatever wednesday... keep calm.

Whatever Wednesday
and i'm holding up the "W"
cus it's just been "one of those days"

I literally had to leave the house and get a 
short soy cinnamon dolce latte (WITH whipped cream) 
AND buy a pair of pretty peach sunnys to heal my soul today.

 So if your day was anything like mine... are some things to CALM you...
just close your eyes.

relax indeed.

i LOVE this guy... he's got it right...period.

my soy latte was my "martini" tonight.

almost went into barnes & nobles too. 
might do some reading tonight just to seal the deal.

this'll be me in the snow next week... can't wait to get away to my REAL happy zen place...
Big Bear.

my sister had tea tonight to get her into the zen zone.

def. needed this guy today! 
Oh, hi!


sources: weheartit&hulaseventy&flickr&tumblr


  1. I love these super "comfort" photo. beautiful. Thanks for sharing :) -kel

  2. Free hugs and martinis! I'm game :)


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