Mar 20, 2010

photo op 3.20.2010

*Photo Op*
what: a cute little space of my bedroom floor
1. retro graffiti EXPRESS shopping bag filled with vintage extra fabric
2. my beat up leopard flats that i wear all the time
3. an empty cardboard box with my friends floppys on top 
(an xmas gift i havent gifted)
4. do-dads (from xmas) stacked in a basket with (yes!) a bird house on top!
5. all are next to my vintage dresser that actually came with my crib :)
why: i like the colors and random patterns
IMHO: i need to clean my bedroom. but this wont happen until i finish my taxes
...sooo maybe next week?

have a good weekend everyone! 
it's beautiful out there!!!
(photo: via my iPhone)

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