Sep 19, 2010

sunday inspiration.

oh hi everyone!!
thanks so much for your comments on thursday's dark side post. im so glad you like it and it is starting to become one of my favorite posts to do's right up there with "tattoo tuesday" :))
...and i LOVE hearing what you think! so keep em' comin!

here are some photos to smile about on your sunday. starting above with a super pretty foreign stamp... i LOVE it! (wouldn't it make a great poster!!??)
im totally gonna be an old cat lady one day :))

the prettiest cinderella book ive ever seen!


OMG it's a HOT DOG.... get it?


i LOVE this tea time print from Sullinero

mail box collections make me smile!

oh! if only these were REAL!

freckles.... are my fave!

a pretty display of food always makes me smile!

a baby piggy!

oh hello fall! this dress via ilovemyhouse is great!

the best is when jane and daria go vintage :-D

hmmm... i think anything from the sartorialist makes me smile.

this bed + a nap on it = :))

yes!! abbey road in my car!

okay... if this doesn't make you smile... somethings wrong. seek help. ;))

Love it :))

back to work for me... (and maybe some yoga later)
other photos via ffffound&weheartit&tumblr


  1. Hey! I LOVE vintage Jane Lane and Daria!

    And those kitties are soooo cute!

  2. i love that tea time print too! very cute! oh and i loved watching daria, a 90's classic! i should check and see if netflix has it!


  3. That cinderella book is so pretty!


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