Sep 28, 2010

tattoo tuesday.

tattoo tuesday

hi friends!
it's been tough the past few days with a tummy ache :-\ ...BUT i'm trying to ignore it and get things done.
i have Ray Lamontagne playing LOUD in my ears to help! are some fun tattoos for your tuesday :)

pretty feet :)

i LOVE the yellow stripes to go with.

raven palm tattoo super COOL!

more stripes!! 

my favorite part of this tattoo is the little gold tooth :))


sleeve LOVE!

above two tattoos via thefivemilegrace

LOVE this via dujour mag.

my favorite couple's tattoo EVER! ...LOVE it!

this one is so GOOD! :))

have a good Tuesday everyone! 
XO, tif.
+other tattoos via weheartit&some edited via me+

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