Sep 21, 2010


who. what. LOVE.
...things i gotta share with you about my wonderful sponsors :))


what: a funky lil vintage shop on etsy
LOVE: these 3 vintage pieces... (the black maxi... j'adore!)

what: a cute little blog (there's a CUTE font on there that i MUST ask about!)
LOVE: see duct tape journal workshop+colorful cupcakes!!
(and a wonderful question that made me smile)

what: etsy shop for "women who dare" ;))
LOVE: 3 totally different things that caught my eye!! see: leather fringe earrings...gotsta have them!

what: adorable "custom gifts and party favors" on etsy
LOVE: these pocket mirrors for stocking stuffers this Christmas!!.. (oops! did i just blow my secret)

who: soulrust
what: "look at me fashion" on etsy
LOVE: these vintage dresses BUT the painting of the girl with white kitten probably was stolen from my dreams!

who: beepart
what: amazing vinyl decal OVERLOAD!! ...on etsy.
LOVE: ...well really i just want to put lighting decals over everything now... my tv. my bed. my....toilet?

who: urbanrain
what: THEE place to find your felt rose bobbies on etsy!
LOVE: ...i'm just in smitten with the little rose bobbies ...forever!

who: i♥heart
what: an insane amount of things i need to own on etsy!
LOVE: (she has everything) but lets focus on the white lace packaging tape!! had me at white lace.

who: wildsouls
what: an etsy shop full of vintage spunkiness!
LOVE: all these pieces willing to ignore and revoke my welcome of autumn for a day to rock that CUTE vintage swimsuit!!! 

what: vintage adorableness for the ladies on etsy.
LOVE: can't get over how pretty the pink 2 piece dress is ...LOVE it!

what: great vintage trinket shop with an interesting story behind it ;))
LOVE: ...i'm STILL trying to figure out how to make the MOTEL sign mine!

what: etsy shop o' handmade cuteness!
LOVE: awww i LOVE the milk cartons cus they remind me of an Aussie friend of mine (hi Shelley!) :)) 

what: amazing vintage stuff (in a shop) on etsy.
LOVE: well this is definatley the shop that i'll go to when my vintage travel gear obsession takes over my life. and i'm okay with that. (drooling over the floral suit cases now)

what: "cute and contemporary hand crafted accessories" ...on etsy :)
LOVE: okay HOLY CUTE it's a panda pocket mirror! everyone needs one right!!?

what: wall art extraordinare on etsy.
LOVE: these pretty pieces for the casa... BUT i wanna leave the "welcome" sign with fall leaves up year round!!! yeah!?

what: trendy vintage retro goodies of all kinds on etsy
LOVE: cant decide what i LOVE more... gingham lumber jack shirt OR gingham lumberjack housewife's dress!! ....hmmm.

what: vintage that you'll LOVE in an etsy shop.
LOVE: whyyyyy aren't thes ecut out leather pumps my size!!!? I'll just dream about them :-)

Special thank you to all of the DOJ sponsors. Please make sure you visit their sites and support them cus they support me BIG TIME!!! 

I have BIG BIG plans for my "holiday time" sponsors in October/November/December!!!
***This is the BEST time of year to be a sponsor! If you'd like to sponsor the DOJ blog and be featured... email me for details at DropsOfJupiterBLOG[at]gmail[dot]com.



  1. I liked the wooden pendant and necklace in the likeabird portion.

  2. @Ninjagaden78's actually a leather piece! it's so cute...check it out :))



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