Sep 21, 2010

tattoo tuesday.

++tattoo tuesday++

oh, hi everyone!
today is a packed, fun filled and busy day for me. 
the wheels have been turning with future plans for le blog!! i have BIG plans for *holiday time* and i promise i will share as soon as they are ready to go!

well... here is your weekly tattoo inspiration :))

sean risley via fashion grunge ...le LOVE!

via the forums on lookbook

carrot dress! beautiful! via the sartorialist

corn field and pumpkins! perfect for autumn!


you had me at 1970's 'Aladdin Sane Album' David Bowie!! ....on your leg!

oooh ...i like her :))

fun! ...unless he's hanging (would make for a good *dark side* photo) :-\

totally hilarious! 

+other photos via weheartit+


  1. Hello There! How’s it going?

    Impressive post/BlogSpot indeed! I have a tattoo on my wrist!

    Love Heels?

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  2. Wow that 'infinite' tattoo is beautiful...

  3. I love that Infinite tattoo. My hubby to be and I are getting tatts for our wedding gifts to each other and I've been thinking about 'ad infinitum' on my wrist and I love the style of font that one is in.

  4. oh fancy indeed!
    what a delightful post!
    splendid! x

  5. I liked the photo of the man hugging the boy. Nice shot.

  6. Tattoo Tuesday. Awesome. While cycling I recently came across a guy with a tat on each calf. One for his home for his lady's home state. First time I saw anyone do that. I love NY...born and bred in nyc but damn! These pics are awesome thanks for sharing

  7. @Monique ...wish you wouldve got a photo of that!!! wow!


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