Sep 23, 2010

blog LOVE.

oh, hi everyone!
well here's to what i think might be a weekly OR maybe monthly post!
blog LOVE.
i have so many blogs that i follow and LOVE to read and ive been wanting to share this one with you...

My Milk Toof has got to be the most unique blog that i follow. 
It's a photo story blog (for lack of better words) by Inhae Lee and it's so adorable! You basically get to enjoy adventures with these two teeth named ickle and Lardee. You really have to see them to understand how cute they are and how good of a job they do at making them "come to life" still shots at that!


the little tiny props they make for them are my favorite!

and their facial expressions!

this is when Lardee had to answer the phone and take a message... so cute!

this was after reading the super man comic. haha!!

see! aren't they adorable!?

take note of the cute props here on their day at the pool (a must read to see the end result)

this is my FAVORITE shot (and story) of them just because of the tiny david bowie framed photo!! hahahahah!!!

so adorable!
Go here to check out their latest adventure called "Go Fish" (photo above)'s really CUTE!

PS. Do you know of any other blogs as cute as My Milk Toof? 
...PLEASE leave a comment and let me know!!


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  1. hehe this blog is sooo freaking adorable~!! love all of the different situations and props the teef have been in!!


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