Sep 8, 2010

tattoo tuesday.

late night edition.
oh, hi friends!!
sorry sorry sorry about tattoo tuesday being so late into the night! late that it's actually wednesday morning ...again. WELL my excuse is that my sister Dani and i have been working all day on gettin' the NEW goods ready and up in the fancycatvintage shop.

are cute little pola's i made of the finishing touches on Miss Kat of Rock 'n Roll Bride's sleeve tattoo :)) She's so sweet to send me close up shots! 

I think she and I both could look at tattoos all day!

LOVE it!

rob merchant of the riverboat gamblers. via wolfcare
(im enjoying this sleeve attack wayyyy too much! ..and is glasses.)


chris gaylor of all american rejects also via wolfcare

pretty :)

eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! is that a kitten!!?

oh! and isn't holly's new red velvet tattoo super super cute cute!!? 
via Elsie's BLOG :))

here's my buddy (and favorite drummer) Matt KJ! ...he's drumming for a gig in Japan right now!!
we miss you MAJOR dahling!

Hogwarts! ...respect.

and here's my favorite!
can you guess why???

***be sure to get a first look at the "new" stuff up in the fancycatvintage shop! 
+other photos via weheartit+tumblr+


  1. i really love the dove tattoos. i was trying to find some cute ones yesterday- glad i found them via your blog today :)

  2. ooo I love these all! I really love the last one! =)


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