Sep 1, 2010

i LOVE autumn.

oh hi
well September is here and I am already thinking AND getting way too excited for Autumn!
Aren't you!!?

things i LOVE about Autumn... 
cool mid-day cat naps.

mmMmmm... hot drinks :)

changes in the trees.

the fair... and all things "carnie" :)

breaking out my boots.

scarves EVERYDAY!

extra layers on the bed.

pumpkin spice lattes....& all things involving PUMPKIN!

well... what a day. 
ive been feeling sick alllll day. i did a little bit of work but... my tummy definatley hates me :-\
wish me luck on getting some rest!!

[photos via weheartit]


  1. yay lovely post♥

  2. I love autumn too! My favorite season. But I'm not in an autumn mood yet, it's still over 80 degrees here!
    I LOVE LOVE that first picture btw, I want to hang it on my wall.

  3. Well if you ever find yourself in the Charlotte, NC area I'll be glad to fix you a pumpkin spice chai latte at the coffee shop I work at during the day :)

    Stay Wild,

    Laura aka "Wild Souls"


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