May 10, 2011

tattoo tuesday.

 oh, wait! ...what? oh... im blogging! okay.
yikes sorry! i went into a deep day dream and lost control of my brain over that photo up there. anyone else?? i mean... good Lord, that's just... 
See this is why i say that i have a "tattoo problem."
anyway... moving on!

...and please excuse my drool.

 i LOVE the connection!

 it's a boar!

 i love grey kittens! problem too :)


 a leaf falls in loneliness -e.e. cummings

 hope it has something to do with peter pan's friends :)

 like this one... LOVE!

 hello.... sir.

 so good.

well that was a lot of fun!

...and thank you thank you thank you to those of you who leave and send your "i LOVE tattoos too" comments and emails. i read every single one and i LOVE that im not the only one that really really REALLY digs tattoos :o)

thanks for stopping by!

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