May 11, 2011

adventures at the museum.

We went to LACMA!
this was totally last month, i admit it. i just never got to posting it and wasn't sure if i was going to. but i thought about it and i really do like sharing my adventures with you all!

okay so i had never been to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) before and it really was something special. It's been years since I've been to a museum (like pre-school field trip years) YIKES! ...and I plan on going back soon because we literally had only one hour to look around and there was no way I was able to take it all in!

so we took tons of pictures...
(above im actually inside one of the exhibits... it was like a giant cinnamon roll!)

here are some more of my faves. 

 the beautiful lights outside of LACMA was EVERYONE'S photo op stop!

 loving and taking in the Picaso's as fast as i could.

 i was dying over all the ancient paintings and just couldn't believe that i was so close to something so old.


 this ancient cabinet was made of the most beautiful ebony and ivory... it was so insane i just couldn't take my eyes off of it.

 on the top floor they had a liz taylor exhibit up... i had to get a shot of her in my FAVORITE outfit of hers!! and again... couldn't believe that i was looking at the ACTUAL photos!

 Dani in the lights!

too much fun... im such a history/art NERD i know!

thanks LACMA!
...must go back soon!


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