May 15, 2011

sunday inspiration.

 hello hello!
today was a day for some personal R&R (that means rest and relaxation to my foreign friends or anyone else who might not know) for me. dani and i watched dirty dancing while she got ready to go to LA and other than that... i've been collecting photo inspo for the DOJ files (BTW: isn't the make up in the photo above divine!? ...eye liner inspo!) and enjoying the pretty day coming through my window!
& yes i admit that i am STILL in my pajamas!! *red and pink heart pants and a red USA hoodie* FYI.

so here's some more inspo for your sunday...
 cool cat inspo.

 pretty "flutterby" wings... kaleidoscope art inspo.

 inspo to take MORE R&R days.

inspo to wonder where all my Barbie shoes went???

 gypsy door way inspo.

 inspo to be awesome.

 inspo to say yes to more skirts and color!

 inspo to wonder...period.

 food inspo.

 inspo to LOVE natural light for photos.

 future home inspo.

tea time before bed inspo.

well, im off to go wash my hair and then wait for Dani to get home so we can watch the season finale of Survivor... GO MATTY!!! ...OR GRANT!!!
any Survivor watchers out there?

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