May 23, 2011

outfit report.

 oh, hello hello!
So over the weekend, Dani and I went to go see Bridesmaids with the girls...there were seven of us so it was extra fun! BUT before the fiasco, we had to stop for The Habit burgers and movie candy :)

here's what i wore for girls movie night... shirt was kinda large and loose so i tied the bottom of it 80's style and even though the sun has been hiding these past few days i slipped on my floppys for the night cus it wasn't THAT cold. 
(i dont really like socks...#hippieproblems) <--that hasmark was for all you readers on the twitter! 
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outfit details:
"Dad's ballplain' shirt" -thrifted
blue jeans i wear all the time- target
grey floppys- old navy
pink sunnies, turquoise ring, feather necklace- f21
big brown bag- H&M

yummy food details:
veggie burger with cheese & onion rings - The Habit Burger

kiss & hug & LOVE!


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