May 20, 2011

for the literate.

 ...and this makes me happy.
hi, everyone! the above is TRUE. 
i LOVE sharing things that inspire me with you all :)
...and i hope it brings you back forinspiration daily. thing i want to do in the future are: more outfit reports (maybe i'll wear more dresses and skirts to make the day more fun?). around the home photos. a peak into my office (i call it the bear cave). more style crushes. and i don't know...what else would you like to see? maybe it's time for a Q&A? what do you think?

Let me know!
and here's some inspo for all you literates :)


 great font right!?


 STOP LION! (heheheeee)

 BEST!!! i want one.

 i laugh every time i see this.
 thank you!

i LOVE marc johns :) 

it's TRUE :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE you all!!!

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  1. OMG! the blog is really amazing ! i loved it !


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