May 8, 2011

sunday inspiration.

 oh, hi everyone!
i hope your enjoying mother's day and relaxing like we are.
we are about to have a little back yard barbecue to celebrate... the above photo of mango and strawberry yogurt popsicles (via is major inspo for me to try for the next barbecue! yummo!

here's more...
 so cute for the pool inspo.

 big hair. curls. blue make up. freckles inspo. 

 okay wait... this is amazing inspo. 

 welcome to 1970's color and amazing accessories overload inspo!

 great shoes for a wedding inspo.

 inspo to put patterns everywhere!

 inspo to merge funky and formal.

 fancy inspo for little lads

 inspo to do this one day :)

 pretty make up. pretty turban inspo.

 inspo to LOVE history.

inspo to laugh... but i dont know why...???

other photos via

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