May 21, 2011

style crush.

 oh boy!
well's been a while since ive done a devendra banhart boyfriend style crush. 
(you know like 6 did we survive?) 
for those of you that dont know... he's is my dreamy, tattoo doodles, skinny tall latin man, hippie, musician, bearded, freckled, i dont care man style CRUSH. 

...sooo here goes!!!
 can't stand the cute!

 he was perfect for oliver peoples last fall.

 dream home!

 he made an eyeball for his photoshoot!
 is he adorable or what!?
and i seriously DIE over his red line doodle tatts :)
 eeep! i LOVE dirty feets!

 best eyes. best freckles.

 fun hat.

LOVE him!!!

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