May 13, 2011

for the literate.

 happy friday everyone!
i thought the above photo was appropriate for the fancy weather we are having today in so. Cal! Not super hot, with a cool breeze and all the birdies are singing!
ive got a busy night tonight at my theatre BUT at least we'll be on the beach... right!?

so here's some fun inspo for all of you literates!
 would LOVE to get my hands on this vintage version of The Great Gatsby!!



 LOVE the Lennon poster turned tunic that James wore!!
...and her family is the cutest joining in with her "what i wore" posts :)
 this was for mother's cute!

 One of my favorite quotes!

it's true... i am.

AMEN to that!

Okay my friends... 
...have a good weekend!

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