Jun 2, 2010

whatever wednesday ...Karen Elson & Jack White Vogue shoot!!

Hi Hi, my friends!
Okay so... i LOVE the Karen Elson shoot she did with her husband...
(some guy named Jack White *wink*) for Vogue!!

"On the occasion of her debut album's release, Karen Elson and Jack White agreed to be photographed together for the first time. She wore charming vintage-look dresses. (He wore a top hat.)" - Vogue 

LOVE this shot!!!

" 2005, she met Jack White after she was cast in the video for the White Stripes' song "Blue Orchid." The chemistry was immediate. They got married on the Amazon in Brazil that June, moved to Nashville, and a year later their daughter, Scarlett, was born; son Henry came along in 2007." 


[top photo via Lula Mag] 


  1. LOVE the photo shoot, even if it does feel a bit creepy

  2. ohhh love the LOVE sign!!! great photoshoot!

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    love, polly :)

  4. p.s. I will return the favor or following! :)
    and THANK YOU! He is having a cat dream next to me right now. Just a precious little thing!
    love, polly :D

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