Jun 27, 2010

sunday inspiration.

-Sunday Inspiration-
today was good. 
im getting stuff on the to do list done AND we are getting closer to having the new fancycat vintage web site up and running. YAY! 
currently waiting for a veggie pizza to cook.

 enjoy some inspo :)

we found an old desk like this on the curb around the corner from our house!
(the lady said take it) ...we grabbed it!

powdered sugar hearts!

so pretty. [via smv]

HA! do you LOVE these guys as much as i do!? 

lovely. [via design is mine]

...and i love him the most.

looking forward to this week!

ps. do you like the new DOJ title banner???
yeah? no? ...tell me so.



  1. LOVE the new banner! It looks like fish scales, and I love fish, so its awesome. :)

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