Jun 7, 2010

Music Monday.

+++Music Monday+++
hi all!!
Okay so ...I had the pleasure of interviewing (via email) the SUPER cute and adorable 
+Stephanie Kunze+ 
of The Dandelions!!

...she's terribly divine.

DOJ: Briefly, Who the heck are you?
S: Definitely a loaded question. A few key things about me...a big part of who I am is my husband. I'm really adore my dogs, Baguette (we call her Baggie), and Ellie. When I'm not being creative, I work at Starbucks...I've been there for a very long time. Hopefully the rest of the questions will help answer this one :)

DOJ: How old are you?
S: Just turned 23.

DOJ: Fun Fact:
S: I'm a French citizen?
DOJ: Sounds fun to me!!! 
....Stephanie ALSO has a BLOG [here]!!!

DOJ: What were you doing before The Dandelions and what launched you into pursuing music?
S: Musically, I lead music for a high school youth group. I was writing my own songs, covering songs, all under Steph Francoz. What launched me? A guy named Pete Kipley, now our producer, found my music on myspace and wanted to meet me. I knew I didn't want to do anything, musically, without Tyler who was my boyfriend at the time (now my husband), so we busted songs out in two weeks to show Pete, and he wanted to work with us. It was surreal.

DOJ: Who or what inspires you?
S: I am definitely inspired by my surroundings. If my house is a mess, I can't function creatively. It's all about what we call "the vibe". We use that word a lot. If wherever we're at isn't vibey, forget it, I can't be creative. 
DOJ: Stephanie's home (from the photos I've seen) is adorable BTW!
S: I can get vibey from God's beautiful nature, being in a busy city, yummy food, mid century furniture, or even sweet people. Oh, and there's gotta be coffee around.

DOJ: What were your favorite childhood activities?
S: Taking the boat out to Catalina with the fam almost every weekend and playing with my Barbies...I LOVED my Barbies.

DOJ: Style Icons?
S: Of course, there's Twiggy and Hillary Clinton ;)...but someone who really makes me go, "ooo!" is actually Katie Holmes. That girl knows fashion. 

DOJ: Favorite movie line of all time?
S: When Harry Met Sally, everyone knows that ;) 
Favorite movie to quote lately, though? Nacho Libre...I know, it's stupid, but it's true.

DOJ: If you weren't a musician, what would you be?
S: First, I would work part time at a flower shop, while going to culinary school. Then after that season of culinary success, I would somehow work with animals...maybe be a zookeeper.

DOJ: You have a classic convertible full of gas and the week off. What do you do? 
S: Pack my husband and dogs up the west coast.

DOJ: Childhood dream?
S: Actually, I really wanted to meet Drew Barrymore.

DOJ: Biggest vice?
S: Scissors to the hair.

DOJ: What beauty products do you swear by?
S: Does tooth paste and shampoo count? Okay, okay, I'm a sucker for nail polish. I'm getting into frangrance, I want to get Flowerbomb perfume by V&R, I just smelled it yesterday and it's amazing!

DOJ: Your house is burning down (oh drats!!) what 3 items do you grab in a hurry?
S: Baggie, Ellie, and Tyler.
DOJ: Okay so... Tyler is adorable! Everyone just admit it! :-P

DOJ: What three items from FancyCatVintage do you love?

DOJ: Pick a song of the day!
S: Sylvia by Miike Snow. 
Seeing them this Friday!

i TOLD ya she was SUPER cute!!

+++Follow the Dandelions [here] 
...and listen to their music [here]+++

Thanks Steph... for everything!! was FUN!
XOooo, tif.

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