Jun 1, 2010

tattoo tuesday.

hi all!
sorry i made ya wait all day.
i remained busy... today was kind of like a monday for me with yesterday being a holiday.
BUT i got a lot done and the day ended with me getting a new v neck shirt while my mom and i went out to run a few last minute errands. so here it is...
+++tattoo tuesday+++


dig the mustache :)

i'm also into the green iPhone.

i like.

i spy a new addition on Johnny's wrist...we think it's a peach!
(get well soon)

LOVE it indeed.



  1. i wish i could get a million more tattoos! i hate that in trying to be an elementary teacher i have to watch it. :(
    these photos are awesome! thanks for sharing them.

  2. i like the one writen horizontally on the girl's arm and the last one. good find. I like when people find creative places to put their tattoos. Also, the love/hate written in code is pretty geeky, but pretty genius at the same time.

  3. @Molly- i totally LOVE the html code too :)

    xo. tif


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