Jun 12, 2010

antique adventures.

Oh, hi!!
Well we had an adventurous morning!
I've been having some car drama sooo early this morn, my sister, Dani and I took my car to the shop and on our hour wait we made a trip to the antique shops down the street.
It was too much fun!

Right away! We were finding things to "ooh" and "eek" about!
Super cute vintage suit case set turquoise! 

i LOVE anything that takes me back to my child hood... so i squeezed myself into this little vintage desk. 
BUT...I left it there cus we already have one in the garage... waiting for the move :))

...and we D-I-E'd over the vintage plastic umbrellas!

yellow plastic gingham... are you kidding!!? SO CUTE!


Dani found our future Formica table for the kitchen!!!

Then she fell in LOVE with a GREEN typewriter... in case... in MINT condition!
so cute!

BUT instead of buying everything we saw... we sorta "took note" for a future purchase.
Why? ...well because we have NO WHERE to store all of this stuff. 
Fancy Cat Vintage storage is over flowing as it is!!

But we will be moving into the "Fancy Cat Headquarters" soon and it's going to be nasty fun decorating the place. Can't wait for the BLOG posts that will come with that.

Until next time...
love, tif
PS. have you been to Dani's photo treasure BLOG??
it's amazing!! [see it here]

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