Jun 28, 2010


oh, hi friends!

here are some celeb photos i LOVE for your monday.

john lennon & yoko ono
 LOVE their style.

kareem abdul jabbar 
pola by andy warhol

theres always room for madonna.

dolly parton
can't stand how adorable she is. really.

my favorite. george harrison.

jason mraz & tristan prettyman 
[via @tprettyman 's tweets]

another andy warhol pola of mick jagger

nancy sinatra.
circa 60's style muse for sure!

devendra banhart. 
my love.

...and i LOVE this photo of the beatles :)

PS. thanks to everyone who left comments on the "is anyone out there?" post. 
i LOVED reading your comments and seeing where you are from AND i checked our your BLOGs!!!
if you haven't left a comment yet... you still can. I'd love to "meet" you ;-)

ill see ya tomorrow for tattoo tuesday!
ive got a good collection a'comin' :)



  1. Yay, I'm always excited for Tattoo Tuesday! I got a new tattoo last Friday... and I took my baby sister to get her first tattoo today! Now I'm already scheming up my next one...just need some $$$ !

  2. this photo of john lennon and yoko is so fantastic and makes me super happy =)


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