Jun 16, 2010

June Sponsor Feature

3 things you MUST see...
 from my June sponsors!
1. pretty air mail striped deco tape.

1. a pretty post on Paris.
2. her flickr faves.
3. the UP! engagement on lovely monday.

the house of hearts:
1. Vintage western shoulder bag.
2. Vintage polka dot milk bottle vase.
3. LOVE this pinstripe high waist skirt

1. death punch!! LOL!
2. cute little light bulb.
3. giant birdie finds a home! CUTE.

1. Totally hippie mexican embroidered dress!
3. Vintage Peasant top ...LOVE!

1. pretty vintage MOD dress :))
2. The cutest vintage wiggle dress!
3. i LOVE all things in vintage "ethnic" print.

thank you thank you to my June sponsors!
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