Jun 9, 2010


do you follow me on twitter?
if you do...
these photos will look familiar.
i LOVE taking photos of my food.... 
especially when it's a sight to see and i wish everyone could enjoy it with me. 

enjoy these food photo ops and more...
left over veggie fajitas.
[left overs always taste better the next day]

grilled cheese with a side of ranch and a dollop of BBQ :))

veggie (cheese everything) bagel sandwich with swiss... i want this again SO bad!!
[took a snack break while shopping with my friend at west coast bagel]

...and my sister Dani finally got her new glasses!
[this is also the cover to her new international hit album "Days" ...joking]

my new vintage knit early Sunday morning yard sale find!

the clouds are cooling me down today!
now it's time to get some work done...


  1. omg yr food pics are making me drool! yummy yummy!

  2. omg, the grilled cheese sandwich -- did you make it yourself? or was it from a restaurant??!

    i am a HUGE lover of grilled cheese sandwiches and i'm on a quest to find the PERFECT ONE!

    i'm SO glad i found your blog, i love it! :]

  3. @Just Sweet Love ...YES! I made it myself. My perfect grilled cheese would be two slices of colby jack on some sour dough. Here you see multi grain. *Today I had a grilled cheese from In N Out... their's is yummy too! -tiffany


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