Apr 12, 2010

SOTW ...sideshow photography.

hi hi hi!!

I am SO excited to feature my FIRST sponsor's site: 
for DOJ's Site Of The Week!!

who: jesica steimer
what: "i paint my walls yellow, prefer my cakes baked in muffin tins
 and revel in vintage finds, handmade shrines, smiles, and photography."
(ha! LOVE her!!)
where: tucson, arizona

jesica is super talented!
she's got the BEST outfits!

...and holy moley, she's CUTE! 

AND she also has a super cute BLOG [click here] to view it :)

and she takes GREAT photos!! 

but WAIT...there's more!

she also has an etsy shop!!!

 ...with CUTE items!

isn't she adorable!?
I think so :)

make sure you show jesica some LOVE and support because she supports me!

thanks Jesica!!!

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