Apr 7, 2010

whatever wednesday ...ill never get sick of...

Oh, Hi everyone!
Working a lot today to get lots of NEW cute vintage (that makes sense right?) up in the shop!
Stayed up late last night giving the BLOG a little face lift...took a couple tries and now i officially like it.
How do you like it???

So for *whatever wednesday* are some things i'll NEVER get sick of...
fun pops of red

pretty lace


vintage photos

i will NEVER get sick of kittens!!!

okay and doggies too!

jason mraz :)
his music NEVER leaves my car.

a nice little hand written note. [source]

taking photos.

being inspired!

oh, i always get sick of this guy....
....but NEVER his music. [photo by @meeshell78]

ill never ever NOT love a good tattoo......duh.

i'll never get sick of God's little reminders that He loves me :)
(i see number patterns all the time)

and i'll never get sick of living my dreams :)

[all other photos from: weheartit]

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  1. I want to fly away too, get inspired, make something cool, get a W tattoo on both my cheeks, then take a picture of them with me standing up, then upside down; and listen to good music.


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