Apr 5, 2010

i LOVE you monday... Black & White.

isn't Grace Kelly super pretty in this photo!?

well i was all over the place busy today...but i made it!
~i LOVE you Monday~


LOVE paul newman... always.

kate moss.

LOVE this great photo of the beatles.

dennis hopper... great photo!

bridgitte bardoe.

my new photo muse LOVE (and Mr. France look alike)... vincent gallo.
*NOTE: i sorta got permission from France tonight (to have a new "Crance"/celeb crush) and he said
 "ya i dig that guy hes good" ....SCORE! AND i feel a "style crush" post coming soon!

david bowie LOVE.

audrey. baby fawn. yorkie. shag carpet LOVE!

photo source: weheartit

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