Apr 24, 2010

and the WINNER is....

++Winner Winner (tofu) Chicken Dinner++

Sorry I made you wait! 
I was sicky poo yesterday...

So we picked a winner for the 
Earth Day Giveaway!!!

we put the names in a jar...

and I did a little shakey shake...

i reached in...


the winner is...

Congrats Veronica!!!
email me at DropsOfJupiterBLOG[at]gmail[dot]com 
so I can get your goodies to ya!!

thanks everyone for playing! i LOVED reading all your earth day ideas and i was inspired! the next giveaway is coming up super soon :)


  1. Yayyyy, I'm so excited! I emailed you with my address today. Thanks for having this fun giveaway on your blog! You rock!

  2. Winner Winner! Tofu Chicken Dinner!!! LOL!!! Love that Vegetarian! Guy Fieri's sister is a vegetarian... if that comment is random to u.... (Guy Fieri of Diners Drivins and Dives says Winner Winner Chicken Dinner all the time on his show!)
    Gotta Love the Tif! and what a cute way to do a giveaway! LOVE MY AD!!!


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