Apr 8, 2010

theme thursday ...#hardwithoutshoes

hello hello!

So as you know from the post below my sister and i spent the day supporting
*One Day Without Shoes* movement. 
 It was definatley an experience!
Over 1/4 million people spent the day today without shoes for the awareness of those who spend EVERYDAY without shoes due to not having a choice!

talk about being aware of where you are stepping or standing!

I just couldn't imagine walking around to where I need to be everyday without shoes!

The trending hash mark today on twitter for the movement was 
#hardwithoutshoes and it WAS!!!

 Every time I complained about it I couldn't help but feel sad for those that deal with it everyday :(

It was a hot day today in Southern California, so walking on the hot pavement was "interesting"...

and I read on twitter that some where out in the RAIN without shoes for the movement!!

and even in the SNOW!!!! 
thats insane! ....yet super awesome!

So, I have to say that I am glad I did it! 

It was an educational experience today!

My eyes were opened and I am officially AWARE and ready to do what i can to make a difference... 

Today I saw a photo via @TOMSshoes and it read that at the Rwanda shoe drop, a child showed up with 2 left mismatched shoes!
My heart was broken.

BUT look at the change that TOMSshoes is making!
and I'm sure they made an even bigger difference with their movement today.
*Look at their honestly thankful smiles!!*

So first things first... I need to get a pair of TOMS! I've been wanting some for a while and after today I've decided it's time.
I'll get a great pair of shoes and so will a child who doesn't have shoes.

Here I am with my cat Frankie...
...he went barefoot today too :)

thanks TOMS for the experience!

[other photos via: my iphone & weheartit]


  1. I've been saving up for a pair of TOMS for a few months and I'm almost there. :) I can't wait!!
    It was crazy fun going without shoes I thought, just because I'm a barefoot hippie by nature, but I can't imagine doing it year round, especially in the winter. :[

    I will say that running around barefoot in the rain was pretty amazing though. :)

  2. YAY...I work from home so everyday I go without shoes! =)

    I loved this great idea!


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