Apr 26, 2010

photo op 4.25.2010

Photo Op

what?: my old Denim Jacket from circa 2002
(i threw it on (over my "john lennon YOU ARE HERE" shirt, thanks Matt KJ!) to run out and grab some late night McDonald's desserts with my sister)
why?: ive been seeing the denim jackets in the shops trending for spring 2010...SOooo I am glad I still have mine!
(this kept me from purchasing one the other day to go over my new spring baby doll tanks)
what did we get?: i got 2 baked apple pies and Dani got a hot fudge sundae and small fries.
(1 pie didn't make me feel bad get late night cravings right!!!?)

XO. tif

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  1. mmm yummy apple pie.. i could really go for one right now! =)


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