Feb 24, 2010

whatever wednesday cream edition.

Whatever Wednesday

It's a mello day for us. 
No appointments for the day. 
Made sure I got up and went to 9:30 yoga.
Been eating JUNK all day 
(because I need to go buy groceries.)
Motivation today = Meh-ish

Gonna take a power nap!

Until I get back...
...please enjoy some ice cream/fro-yo photos!
(found in my files)

 PS. Been waiting since 2009 for the perfect time to use the top photo *sigh*


i LOVE soft serve.


pretty "cookie jar" or container (found here)

and pretty nails too!

other source: weheartit

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  1. ohhhmygoodness. i ate 3/4 of a pint of ben&jerry's today...and then some more later.aaand, ice cream is so good. those pictures make me want more...


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