Feb 15, 2010

i LOVE you monday.

i LOVE you monday!

Especially cus you are so pretty today.
The sun is shining and the air is clean!!
Spring is making noises...the birdies are talking and singing like crazy!

enjoy these photo's i LOVE :) 
LOVE paul newman.

jane fonda!
isn't this great!

LOVE this scene in "pretty woman"
julia roberts.

guess who...sean connery!

LOVE john travolta jammin.

greatest photo of mr. bruce lee IMHO!

oh elvis! LOVE!

the madge i tried to be like :)

little me! 
(found by my cousin Virginia)


sources: weheartit + tumblr + LaVieBoston


  1. Love, Love, Love Paul Newman! Love the post!
    Why am I not a source for the creepy clown photo?

  2. You posted my 2 favorite actors/actresses in the first 2 photos! Pssst...Paul Newman is my boyfriend :)! Great photos!

  3. Fantastic photo selection! I heart every single one!


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