Feb 5, 2010

happy weekend.

The weekend is here!
What do you have planned?

Here in the FancyCat Vintage house, we'll be listing the NEW and super cute stuff tonight! and getting ready for a photo shoot that will happen on Monday. 
fun fun fun!

BUT you must see the things 
I ran into on the web...

Would you get on a plane that looked like this?

If I ever find these Pie Pops, it'll be the end of me!

This tweet from @johncmayer makes you think.

Have you died laughing over Unhappy Hipsters yet?

Circus Wedding = Awesome! 
**note: they had a kissing booth for goodness sake! (as seen above)

I kinda have a crush on the Mast Brothers... can you guess why?

The famous Rainbow Pancake post that pushed us into a great week! 

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Shopping for band tees at Wasteland and then going to lunch in Malibu..what are your plans?


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