Feb 19, 2010

have a good weekend ... i mean it!

Oh, Hi everyone!!
well it's the weekend and you know what that means...
...i leave the house to work :)
I'm only working the Murder Mystery tonight though so I can sing this weekend at church! the mean time...
have a good weekend & check all this out!

Solar iPhone charger = YES!!

I'm a PC... but this BookBook is amazing for the Mac's.

"Forget business and first. These airplanes are now offering cuddle class!" -(via a cup of jo)

If you haven't decided on a New Years Resolution...try this.

Oh, Hi Mr. Fox!

ooh ooh! & also...
this band duo my sister came across called
(grapefruit in French)
is sooo adorable AND they totally jam!
They mostly do covers of hit songs and a few originals...
*I totally have a MAD CRUSH on Jack* 
you must see their version of
"Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)"

and "Beat It"

and I'm in LOVE with their original song 
"If you think you need some lovin"



  1. Hey !
    I love your blog that i discovered recently (as a matter of fact, yesterday!)

    Just to tell you that Pomplamoose isnt the French for grapefruit. In French, they say "pamplemousse", close enough though ^^

    have a nice day !


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