Feb 8, 2010

i LOVE you monday.

Ran into one of my GRUNGE boyfriends (on the web) last night and I instantly thought...
...I gotta give *i LOVE you monday* to... 
Brandon Boyd!!

I've always thought he was dreamy steamy.
AND he's got better with age!

red tattoos = i'm yours.

age lines... LOVE!

grunge and gorgeous!

TWO of my grunge boyfriends on a plane together!!! I---DIE!
(can't keep from playing *Caption This* with this photo)
Brandon: Oh hi, Honey...this is my friend Jared.
Jared: Honey!!??...that's my girlfriend man!
***NOTE: feel free to do your own in the comments. I'd LOVE to see them.

perfect picture...LOVE the Tide!

of course he has his one art studio ....*sigh*

he's lookin' SUPER dreamy these days.

i LOVE ya Brandon Boyd!


sources: weheartit + laweekly

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  1. I was all "meh he's ok looking" for the whole post until he put on nerd glasses .... when I saw those ... I died.

    He's a murderer.


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