Thursday, February 18, 2010

i LOVE Coco!

We watched Coco avant Chanel late last night!
 I couldn't pull myself away. 
I thought I wasn't going to like it much over the subtitles...BUT... i LOVED it!

Audrey Tautou was UH-mazing!!
I want to see more of her ASAP!

 Coco's hand made "man" wardrobe was ridiculously adorable!
SOooo inspired!

 Alessandro Nivola was DIVINE!!!!

 and you know how I felt about the mustache :)

 the black dress scene...lovely!
"All the women are looking at you"
"No... their all looking at you"

 another one of her outfits I want to copy ASAP!

 Coco OWNS!
that's all I can say.

What a wonderful and inspiring story it was!
I believe it led me to have sweet dreams last night too ;)



  1. I loved her Wes Anderson esk cigarette placement, and the nautical stripe-age, and absolutely everything else...

  2. If you love Audrey, see Amelie - I still haven't seen the whole thing, but Chris LOVED it!

  3. This is probably an obvious question, but you HAVE seen Amelie, right?

    Audrey is positively adorable in it, and it's the best movie ever. :)

  4. i have NOT! i know i should :)


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