Feb 2, 2010

tattoo tuesday.

it's tattoo tuesday :)
i know i was looking forward to it!
how about you?

for the camera lovers!

 f stop tattoos = awesome!


childhood flashback!! LOVE it!

so wonderful... i kinda want it.

okay this is rad!

and the amazing award goes to this girl!


all others found on


  1. i love all those tattoos! what good pics they are :) makes me want to get my tattoo asap.

  2. <3 the paper airplane tattoo. If only I we're mindnumbingly afraid of needles ... Yay sharpies!

  3. Oh - great tattoo inspiration! :) I heart the camera ones!! I just stumbled upon your blog and am so, so happy I did - am aching for some ink, now. lol....Happy day!

  4. Squeee!!! I love these! What awesome inspiration. The hungry caterpillar one is too cute!

    Hubby is building a sleeve of cameras. He has 35mm film SLR, 4x5 View Camera, Brownie, Twin Reflex and a Minox spy camera. He'll be getting a Rangefinder next.

    Here's what I have so far-

  5. I can't find a listed email address on here for you, but I cam across your blog and saw this post with the photo tattoos... I'm actually in the process of writing an article on photo tattoos and have been looking for photos of them. I'm wondering if you know the sources of these images and the people to contact? Please email me if so. Thanks! Blondeshotcreative[at]

    Great site by the way!

  6. to the person who left this comment:
    I love tattoo Tuesdays!! Thanks for taking the time to post these pictures! I'm forever looking for unique tattoos and end up wasting so much time on random Google image searches! I love these photos and I'm getting some great ideas. THANK YOU!! :)

    ...thank you back! (sorry i accidentally deleted your comment :( XO, tiffany.


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