Dec 28, 2010

tattoo tuesday.

++tattoo tuesday++
oh boy! i had SO many in the collection this week that i had to cut it down by two thirds YIKES!
here are the ones that made the cut for my mood today :)

i LOVE "toofs" so much! i want one!

 helloooo there :)

 LOVE the hour glass!

 his make up's not too shabby either ;)

 pretty beginnings of a sleeve here.

 tattoos on a bike = LOVE!


 i see a lot of these... i enjoy them all :))

 tattoo of edgar allan poe = you win!!

 great couples tatt here.


 so mysterious!

 PWNing with ANY John Mayer tattoo my humble opinion.

 feather LOVE!

 this might be a repeat ....and im okay with it ;)

 eeeek! it's the BESTEST!!!

 Remember my Trees For Cindy post!!??
...wellll she was inspired to get this on her arm!! do you LOVE it??
**you can tweet her so via @cicicindi ;)

 oh oh AND i can't forget Mr. France's new ink he got last week!! i'm still in shock!

 LOVE the tattoo. LOVE the shoes. LOVE it all!!

that's all everyone!!

***special shout out and thank you to Sedge for having me as her 11 blogs for 2011!! *big hugs*
Alright! ...time for me to get some much needed rest. Dani and i went thrifting and eating and shopping and driving and etc etc. so this lady is beat!
my to-do list is overflowing for tomorrow AND the new year! about you??

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  1. Nawwh. Love that I'm at the bottom of a Tattoo Tuesday. Magical. Thanks sweet. Yet again another amazing Tuesday :-) xx

  2. I have been itching to get a tattoo also! I either want it done on my foot or wrist or maybe the ear. Not sure what :) all gorgeous!

  3. I live for tattoo Tuesday! These photos are so inspiring! I have been trying to find horse tattoo inspiration photos forever, seems impossible to find stylish and non-tacky horse tattoos.

    Thanks again for a great post!

  4. hello there! i thought you might like to see mine and my boyfriends twin tattoos.. here they are! in case you feel like putting them on your wonderful blog!


    donna xox

    anchors - we got first...

    and then these...

  5. @donna ....thanks! i LOVE them :))

  6. these are amazing! thank you so much for the inspirations.


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