Dec 26, 2010

sunday inspiration.

oh, hello everyone.
hope you are ALL having a wonderful holiday so far!
i guess i took a little Christmas break for myself with not posting since last week ...ouch!
so lets start the return of DOJ with some inspiration for your Sunday :)

 vintage dress AND camera inspo!

 i LOVED the sweater that Miss James of the bleubird blog's friend was wearing!

 ...and im dying over this skirt that Miss Coury is wearing via fancytreehouse's for sale and it's 2 inches too small :(

 vintage tea cup inspo!!

 inspo to watch edward scissor hands like RIGHT NOW!

pretty yellow dress inspo. 

dancer stretch inspo... my back needs it so bad! 

all around daily inspo ....right!? 

totally wanna rock a sbux shirt inspo! 

sweater inspo #1

 sweater inspo #2

 sweater inspo #3

 giant paper boat inspo!!!!! LOVE!

beautiful landscape photo shoot inspo. 

just plain pretty inspo :)

have a wonderful rest of the holiday everyone!
can you believe it's almost 2011!!??
i can't ...BUT i've got BIG plans for the DOJ blog :-)))
...can't wait to share!

top photo via recordisphotography
other photos via 

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