Dec 6, 2010

monday inspiration

 sunday inspiration (on monday)
oh hi friends!! we've been making it a habit to go to Disneyland on Sundays so I've been missing doing my Sunday inspo post SO SO much!!
i still want to share some inspiring things with you all though so here's to MONDAY inspiration :))
(the above photo inspires me to cuddle a kitten!)

 eeeeeeps!! inspired to get a puppy dog!

inspired to  rock some statement rings and white nails ....and make a quick stop at the BUX for a pumpkin spice soy latte of course :))

 inspired to go on a hunt for this amazing dino t-rex necklace... anyone know??

 i wish!!! i never have time to enjoy a nice bubble bath ...inspired to dream about it though :-\

inspired to get some cute tan shoes and rock cute tan toes with them!! 

 i LOVE emma watson's new do so much that i was inspired to buy the magazine!!

inspired to take amazing photos like Noa's of Feather Love Photography :)) really!

 inspired to hurry up and get a tree to decorate! this is the cute christmas tree (and fiancée) of the super cute Miss James of bleubirdblog!!!

inspired to have the cutest kitchen table when i get my own place :) 

 inspired to find a cute vintage sweater for the holidays and wear deep red lipstick!!

 totally inspired to make paper chain link garland!!! can i!!? can i!!?

 inspired to JUST DO IT!! .....and jump!

 inspired to go to Christmastime Disneyland ASAP!!
...i'm having withdrawals because we didn't go yesterday :-\

my little calendar mouse inspires me to get a move on with my Christmas to-do list :))
isn't it CUTE??!!
PS. I didn't choose a winner YET is the last day to get your entry in to WIN something from our *Delicious Giveaway* ...i'll pick a winner TONIGHT!

+other photos via weheartit&tumblr+


  1. i adore this post. My cat looks exactly like that cat in the first photograph.

    Love this, pretty girl.

  2. Love it. i like the vintage feel
    follow me and I'll follow you!

  3. so funny I actually just used that starbucks photo on my own blog - I adore it! makes me wana run out and get a venti something or other NOW!

    love all these though! that one of the girl by the stairs going into the lake is fantastic.

  4. That feathered ring makes my heart pitter patter.
    Happy to have found your blog!

  5. GASP!! *LIKES*
    I LOVE how you draw inspiration from everything around you. Lol oh yeah and btw, I'm digging your display picture XD

    Lol oh yeah and you should totally get a bubble bath XD

  6. love all your images!!


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