Dec 12, 2010

sunday inspiration.

oh hi friends!
i have a fun and busy day ahead that ofcourse includes disneyland!!
so here's some inspo for your sunday...

 inspo to make the prettiest little cake via bleubirdvintage

 inspo to make my guitar pretty... orrrr just buy a new one!
(also notice the outfit inspo!!)

 pretty pretty illustration inspo :))

 fro-yo snack inspo ....mmmm!

 tiny gift inspo also via bleubirdvintage!

 pretty dessert gypsy inspo!

i dream of a pet rat inspo!!!

tah tah for now!!
top photo via dujourmag other photos via tumblr


  1. Found your blog via twitter. Love it. Looks like a very nice Sunday afternoon inspiration.Wish I could express my Sunday like that.

  2. Mmmm a bevy of pretty. Definitely feel inspired!


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