Dec 15, 2010

tattoo tuesday...on wednesday.

 oh, hi!
apologies everyone!! ...i was NOT feeling good yesterday and just couldn't get tattoo tuesday up.
so i made sure i picked some extra good ones from the DOJ tattoo files for you...


 DY-ING over the cuteness here!!


 elsie draws CUTE tattoos :)



 i LOVE you!!

 i spy some nerd ink over there on the arm... and i LOVE it!


alls well ends well indeed!

XO my friends!
PS. Drops Of Jupiter is almost at 6,000 monthly views!!
Thank you thank you thank you SO SO much!
...and I LOVE reading your comments!! 
***Please say hi and tell me/US how you found the BLOG! :o)

photos via tumblr&weheartit


  1. I love the wrist tattoo of the F stops of a camera("sizes?" on. Super cute and smart/nerdy.

    love your blog

  2. From Rock and Roll Bride. I look forward to Tattoo Tuesday every week.

  3. How did I come across your blog? Via the Neo-Trad? Sartorialist? OnceWed? Something ... I like to click on the bloggers who comment before me. It's like getting to know another person!

    Anyways, I'm a huge fan of yours - I LOVE Tattoo Tuesday - and your shop is super cute, as well. If it's alright, I have a link to your blog on mine on the right hand side under "Where Happy Thoughts Begin". That's just where I list a few of the blogs I follow that I really dig :)

    Blah blah, much too much talking - I love your page! Always looking forward to more!


  4. BAMBI!!!! Omg so cute.

    And that freckly young man ("God bless my family")? Umm..HELLO. :D


  5. I love em all! Ah! this post makes me want to go out and get mmoooorre! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Raised By Wolves

  6. that anchor, the first pic. so classic. love it

  7. these are so cool, i love the guy with the god bless my family chest tattoo, he looks like an angel! do you know who he is?
    nice post! xx


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