Dec 27, 2010

manic monday.

happy manic monday everyone!
ive got a long to do list for the day. im so glad it's only noon here is California! are some celeb photos im "manic" for :)

 oh paul looks so lovely!

 my fave!! George and my mommy's fave Ringo over there on the side!

 i LOVE these Lennon passports so much!
***notice the top one has "student" crossed out for "musician" ...and it never changed :)

 oh yay!

 LOVE these pants on kate moss... hippie love!

 Devendra for-ever!!

 more of Marilyn... i love her open mouth smile :)


repeat photo of these two because im SO excited that they just got engaged on Christmas Eve's eve!
ive LOVED jason mraz for so so long and i love tristan prettyman for him!!!

that is alllll!
time to get ready for a fancycatvintage photoshoot! yays!

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  1. hey, our blogs have the same name! :) but mine is in spanish.


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