Dec 9, 2009

photos and food!

so some of you know i went on a photo and food date with the world famous Dustin DeLeon! I know I know... I'm so lucky! We had the funnest night ever in L.A. and the food was good too!
here's what happened...

So after I arrived at Dustin's cute little place, I got the tour of his house and I was lucky enough to talk him into playing a lil jam session for me!
then we were off to Los Angeles... first stop: Amoeba Music... my first time!!  it was amazing!
It all started with us getting into this super graffiti-ed parking elevator...I DIED of the amazing-ness...and that's when the photos began!

Dustin did some shopping in the jazz section while I OD'ed on photos for SLEEVEFACE... one of my favorite BLOGS!

I didn't spend any money but Dustin did.. here's the proof LOL!

I just wanted some Amoeba Music stickers that employees sometimes wore in place of name tags!...I found it interesting.
Those were free ;o)

then we happily got back into the elevator de' awesome!
and took several trips up and down for our own personal photoshoot...


met some strangers who also stayed in for a few shots of their own... rides too!

then back to the car we went! even the parking garage floor was great for a photo opp!

next stop: Bosanova! and the food was outrageously delicious!!

Dustin was happy to order a special kind of beer! I ordered Carla's vegetarian sandwich and it was, no joke, to DIE for! 

next stop: Fred 62 for dessert! ...Located in the heart of the Los Feliz entertainment district, a retro-kitsch diner and local landmark that has been serving the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year since 1997…including your birthday…and Christmas too… 
-totally stolen from their website by me!

and ofcourse there were photo opps on our 20 foot walk from the car to the diner!

we had the Bossa Nova Waffle Sundae (which was appropriate since we had just came from Bossa Nova)...
...and it was so good I could only have 4 bites!!! I LITERALLY couldn't handle the amazing-ness!

and that was that!!!

So Dustin... thanks so much for the funnest photo and food night ever! We must do a repeat ASAP! 
XOXOooo ~Tif McL


  1. I want to stop by and say Hi I saw where you left a comment on Elise's blog about making pom poms and watching Star Trek ♥

    so "Hey"

  2. Looks to me like you had a great time with Dustin! Great pics too! Him and I look like we could be brothers. Who would you choose to go out with then Tiffany? That'd be a good problem! Talk with you soon!

  3. Uwielbiam Twojego bloga... i będę tu wracać :)

    I love your blog... and I'll back there :)


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